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Stargaze Rising: Communication from Mission Control

Stargaze Altair It is with great excitement that mission control announces the Stargaze Altair expedition.  Over the past month we have expanded our team here at mission control. Working in close proximity with Atlantis and the rest of the development team, we have blueprinted the ‘Stargazer’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and charted the navigational coordinatesContinue reading “Stargaze Rising: Communication from Mission Control”

NFT Buy-Back Competition

If you read the title of this post, you know exactly what this is going to be about!If you were lucky enough to grab an NFT during the current upgrade event, this competition is for you. If you haven’t upgraded your STGZ yet for a chance to get one of these NFT’s, you are stillContinue reading “NFT Buy-Back Competition”

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