Stargaze DAO Pre-launch

Welcome to the first “community post” where we will be sharing more frequent updates on our progress.

We’re preparing a DAO for Stargaze, with a debut product to be announced.

As DAO’s are controlled by the organization members, we’ve decided to get the community involved from the beginning, to help make the decisions that will shape this project moving forward.

So, saying that, there will be a major change in how things have been run so far.
We will be adding team members, from the Orion Fleet community, to join the launch of the DAO. If we need more, we will go public. This team will contribute to operations and make important decisions regarding the launch of Stargaze DAO.

What we need to start with:

  • Frontend developers
  • Designers for logos for frontend or image searches for Blog posts
  • Solidity Testers (We use Hardhat)
  • Artists for NFTs

And then as the project continues to grow we will be looking for more people to help with anything from:

  • Article Writing
  • Influencer Contacting
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Programming
  • Strategy
  • Media and other content creation
  • Marketing
  • Poll creators – for fair decision making by the team (e.g. “Naming conventions” , “Should we launch X together? Or one at a time? What should target yield be?)
  • Community Management
  • and more as this continues to grow

Why should I join I hear you ask?

Be a part of something greater and work with an amazing team, while picking up new skills.

In addition, there is a percentage of Stargaze DAO allocated to the team, distributed based on the importance and amount of work contributed, and there will also be an airdrop of the debut project once that has been finalized. (Tokenomics will be published in the official DAO announcement)

If you are able and willing to join the founding team, please contact Atlantis or Guybrush on Telegram, with your skillset and what you are willing/able to help with.




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